Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Livin La Vida Salty

Memorial Day weekend is full of bbq's, pool parties and melted ice cream in baby's hands. This represented the beginning of summer on the east coast growing up; public pools filled with fresh water for the next three months.
Instead of surrounding ourselves with any of these activities for the holiday weekend we decided to completely abandon Memorial day traditions and shoot a music video in the desert. It was hot, sticky and most importantly SALTY! Yes, we were shooting on salt fields in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to give anything away but all I will say is that explosions were involved and we all had a blast(no pun intended). We would have probably shot our video on a flip cam in my studio apartment if we did not have our amazing directors, producers and crew working with us! It was their vision and cinematic expertise that is going to make this video great, we just stood where they told us to. We are all so excited with the footage and can't wait to get the video out to you! Stay tuned for our trailer, but for now here are a few stills from the shoot. We love you.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow, Forgot we had a blog

2010, it's here!(I guess it has been for the past 4 months) I apologize for not keeping up with the blog; the beginning of the new year was filled with shows and late nights. We found a new favorite venue in Venice called The Stronghold. The place has got amazing denim downstairs and amazing parties and live music upstairs. April was a well deserved break from gigs, mostly focusing on writing new tunes and jamming in our rehearsal space. We have a hand full of ideas we are working on and hoping to have some demos to share in the near future. In the meantime we posted a new track on our myspace "Cold Moon." Our Joseph Holiday(Coolest Viper Room doorman ever!) worked with us on this song and a few others over a couple weeks. Stay Tuned for lots of goodies on the way!



Monday, December 7, 2009

"Some are not fit for the pit"

Seattle was a blast, raining but fitting. We all believed the reason for our visiting Seattle was to play a show. This quickly changed into a battle between those you were and those who were not "fit for the pit" Shorty as she was appropriately (not ironically) named soon stole the hearts of every person in the room. She didn't jump and do tricks or give anyone back-rubs like most dogs do, she simply sat and observed. This tactic resulted in everyone bombarding her for love and affection. Luckily we were able to document some of these moments with her... and one picture for the show if anyone cares.

Lewis & Clark w/ Destroyer

Unfortunately the one city I really wanted to explore was filled with rain, and I was filled with fever and mucus. Te combination resulted in me sleeping in the van for five hours while we waited to load in and play Lewis & Clark college. The campus had a warm vibe, even though it was high forties and raining; all the students were very helpful with loading in gear and making sure nothing got too wet(special thanks to Justin, or was it Jordan? for the kava kava tea, and Andrew for carrying a ton of our gear). The show environment was great. The students were dancing and feeling fine, their good energy got me out of my sickness slump, at least for the night. Thanks to everyone that came out and listened!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eugene? MyGene.

Stayed in San Francisco for three days, never wanted to leave. We got our van windows fixed and cruised north 9 hours to Eugene, OR. By this time everyone was was pretty tired from sleeping on floors and catching various sicknesses( We think Ricky baby beat H1N1 single handedly). Rolled into Eugene around 10 and hit the bars to make friends and get a feel for the city. First place we went was Luckey's, the joint we were scheduled to play the following night. The bar has a cool vibe, couches, billiards, and drunken zombies. I cruised back to the motel early to try and fight my oncoming flu symptoms, and the Buffalo dudes stayed to party the night away. Apparently Eugene is not too hoppin on the week days.
Day two, Eugene. We grabbed a delicious breakfast at the famous pancake house, walked around University of Oregon and attempted to meet students in hopes of them coming out to hang at the show that night. We had a blast playing, and I think my fever broke while we were playing. OUr manager /Healer Brad started a tradition that night of buying a round of whiskey shots for the whole crew while we were playing; I think that's what helped. Big thanks to Luckey's bar for having us and everyone that came out to drink and dance. Hope to see you all very soon. Working on getting some video up soon.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

I could swim to shore from Alcatraz

Just got into san francisco. My first time, so I'm a little giddy. Staying at an amzing house down in the marina. Delicious neighborhood, happy smiling dogs and babies everywhere, what could go wrong? Nothing yea? WRONG! We wake up to both our vans being broken into. 2 ipods a video camera and my gps were stolen, which in reality was not too bad. We brushed that off our minds and spent the day at the Haight checking out thrift stores and happy hours. After some consolation drinking we cruised to the venue. The night was a total blast, everyone's favorite of the tour thus far. San francisco's got it's hook in me. On to oregon we go.

Green Tea, Day Quil and Apricots

All night fog drives, banana slugs, van break-ins, and jolly trolleys. So far the tour has been interesting to say the least. Bakersfield was like a dream, we got in and got out. We most definitely did not leave our hearts in bakersfield, but ian most certainly left his drum throne, and I left my dignity.
We hoped into the vans and cruzed to santa cruz. The five hour drive felt like 50, with fog and no road lines. I believe brad and I ran into a pack of wild ghost horses. Maybe? Regardless we arrived to santa cruz at sunrise and packed the diamond buffalo crew into one motel room for a few hours sleep before the show. We hit the streets to try and get people to the record inistore to our surprise people actually showed up. It's not like LA, Santa cruz was friendly and we love you for that.
The show was laid back and fun. We loaded the gear in and had a few beers at my long lost buddy patricks house across the street from the record store. Warm Newcastle never tasted so good! Thanks for all the love and hospitality santa cruz, we will be back, bakersfield... We may pass. Cheers, pictures coming soon!
the diamond light
tour van ah the life