Monday, December 7, 2009

"Some are not fit for the pit"

Seattle was a blast, raining but fitting. We all believed the reason for our visiting Seattle was to play a show. This quickly changed into a battle between those you were and those who were not "fit for the pit" Shorty as she was appropriately (not ironically) named soon stole the hearts of every person in the room. She didn't jump and do tricks or give anyone back-rubs like most dogs do, she simply sat and observed. This tactic resulted in everyone bombarding her for love and affection. Luckily we were able to document some of these moments with her... and one picture for the show if anyone cares.

Lewis & Clark w/ Destroyer

Unfortunately the one city I really wanted to explore was filled with rain, and I was filled with fever and mucus. Te combination resulted in me sleeping in the van for five hours while we waited to load in and play Lewis & Clark college. The campus had a warm vibe, even though it was high forties and raining; all the students were very helpful with loading in gear and making sure nothing got too wet(special thanks to Justin, or was it Jordan? for the kava kava tea, and Andrew for carrying a ton of our gear). The show environment was great. The students were dancing and feeling fine, their good energy got me out of my sickness slump, at least for the night. Thanks to everyone that came out and listened!