Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Livin La Vida Salty

Memorial Day weekend is full of bbq's, pool parties and melted ice cream in baby's hands. This represented the beginning of summer on the east coast growing up; public pools filled with fresh water for the next three months.
Instead of surrounding ourselves with any of these activities for the holiday weekend we decided to completely abandon Memorial day traditions and shoot a music video in the desert. It was hot, sticky and most importantly SALTY! Yes, we were shooting on salt fields in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to give anything away but all I will say is that explosions were involved and we all had a blast(no pun intended). We would have probably shot our video on a flip cam in my studio apartment if we did not have our amazing directors, producers and crew working with us! It was their vision and cinematic expertise that is going to make this video great, we just stood where they told us to. We are all so excited with the footage and can't wait to get the video out to you! Stay tuned for our trailer, but for now here are a few stills from the shoot. We love you.


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