Friday, November 27, 2009

Eugene? MyGene.

Stayed in San Francisco for three days, never wanted to leave. We got our van windows fixed and cruised north 9 hours to Eugene, OR. By this time everyone was was pretty tired from sleeping on floors and catching various sicknesses( We think Ricky baby beat H1N1 single handedly). Rolled into Eugene around 10 and hit the bars to make friends and get a feel for the city. First place we went was Luckey's, the joint we were scheduled to play the following night. The bar has a cool vibe, couches, billiards, and drunken zombies. I cruised back to the motel early to try and fight my oncoming flu symptoms, and the Buffalo dudes stayed to party the night away. Apparently Eugene is not too hoppin on the week days.
Day two, Eugene. We grabbed a delicious breakfast at the famous pancake house, walked around University of Oregon and attempted to meet students in hopes of them coming out to hang at the show that night. We had a blast playing, and I think my fever broke while we were playing. OUr manager /Healer Brad started a tradition that night of buying a round of whiskey shots for the whole crew while we were playing; I think that's what helped. Big thanks to Luckey's bar for having us and everyone that came out to drink and dance. Hope to see you all very soon. Working on getting some video up soon.



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