Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green Tea, Day Quil and Apricots

All night fog drives, banana slugs, van break-ins, and jolly trolleys. So far the tour has been interesting to say the least. Bakersfield was like a dream, we got in and got out. We most definitely did not leave our hearts in bakersfield, but ian most certainly left his drum throne, and I left my dignity.
We hoped into the vans and cruzed to santa cruz. The five hour drive felt like 50, with fog and no road lines. I believe brad and I ran into a pack of wild ghost horses. Maybe? Regardless we arrived to santa cruz at sunrise and packed the diamond buffalo crew into one motel room for a few hours sleep before the show. We hit the streets to try and get people to the record inistore to our surprise people actually showed up. It's not like LA, Santa cruz was friendly and we love you for that.
The show was laid back and fun. We loaded the gear in and had a few beers at my long lost buddy patricks house across the street from the record store. Warm Newcastle never tasted so good! Thanks for all the love and hospitality santa cruz, we will be back, bakersfield... We may pass. Cheers, pictures coming soon!
the diamond light
tour van ah the life

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